How I Help

My Approach

My approach to therapy is multi-faceted, and I integrate several modalities. I have a relaxed, straight forward and interactive style, and I will tailor therapy to your unique needs and circumstances. I provide a directive solution-focused presence when needed and a more non-directive presence that allows you to reflect on your situation and come to your own solutions. 

Building a Strong Therapeutic Alliance

A strong therapeutic relationship is vital for therapy to succeed. That's why my focus will be to ensure that we build an authentic, collaborative and trusting relationship so you feel truly understood, accepted and valued as a whole person, not simply for the issues you want to address in therapy. I will also check in with you from time to time to see how you're feeling about the direction of our work together. 

Increasing Insight and Self-Awareness

I believe increasing your self-awareness and understanding of how your past has contributed to your problems is essential. This often includes identifying patterns that may have helped you cope and survive in the past, but may no longer be serving you or your relationships. Understanding what these patterns are is an important first step. However, insight alone may not be enough to achieve significant progress.

Cognitive and Emotional Work

For lasting change to occur, we will explore and process your thoughts and feelings. You will develop not only the insight, but also the skills necessary to make positive changes in your life and maintain those changes over time. I will provide the support and feedback you need to take committed action to improve your life, and I help you cultivate a more adaptable, resilient and mindful perspective by identifying and changing self-defeating thoughts, emotions and behaviors. You will also develop skills to cope with negative feelings, heal from trauma and change unhelpful patterns that may be preventing you from achieving the happiness you deserve.