About Me

Hi, I'm Troy

Let me tell you a little bit about myself

I'm a Licensed Psychotherapist, and I also worked at the University of California, San Francisco for over 12 years working on research studies focused on improving engagement in care for gender and sexual minorities living with HIV.

I have a strong passion for helping gay, bi and queer men and the broader LGBTQ+ community live happier more fulfilling lives. That said, I work with a broad range of clients. In my clinical experience and in my work at UCSF, I help clients address major life transitions, grief/loss, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, family of origin challenges, chronic illnesses and trauma.

I grew up in North Carolina and moved to San Francisco in 2005. I received my Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology in 2015 from The Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA. My education was holistic, strength-based and grounded in social justice. As a result, I'm committed to addressing the impact of social issues on the mental health of my clients, including the current turbulent sociopolitical climate and assault on the rights of the LGBTQ+ community.


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